Sunday, 22 February 2009


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crafty monkeys challenge

This is my first challenge and i finally found an excuse to make my grandparents anniversary card. My mum showed me how to cut the die-cuts out which was very helpful of her. I used some of my mums forever friends papers and new stamp and used her new pro-markers to color in the forever friends stamp. I really enjoyed doing this card and it is the longest card i

This is my sister Kimberely though she hates that name and likes to be called Kim. She loves spending time in the mirror perfecting herself although she is already pretty.

This is my brother Daniel with his girlfriend Sarah. He is going into the army soon so wish him luck!

This is my brother Ashley who also loves the computer. He is 17 years old and loves his motorbike.

This is my dad, Robert. He loves to play golf and is very good with computers. However he doesn't have a blog unfortunately.


Hey, im new here but im enjoying it very much! I just thought to tell you a bit about my family.

My mum, who has a blog ( please check it out, she is also in my followers.