Monday, 27 April 2009


Recently at school i have been getting alot of orders from my teachers.
Mrs annison ordered this one which cost 1 pound. I made a thomas the tank engine one for mrs.skidmore today and got given 3 pound so far i have raised over 10 pound which at the end will be halfed to go to my year 6 pound project. :)


  1. Fabulous Katie, Keep up the great work. You'll have lots of money raised soon enough!
    Lynda =)

  2. Hi Katie.
    Great card :O)
    Yes, i have my sats coming up.
    2 weeks time.
    Don't be nervous though, go into that room with confidence, and stay calm.
    That's what i tell myself anyway, and it's seemed to have work so far! :O)
    Love Fern xx

  3. Hi Katie...
    Oh, and i have something for you on my blog!

    Fern xx

  4. fabulous card love all the detail and very cute image, you have coloured her beautifully
    Tracy x